Fits Your Lifestyle

Easy to Access

Frontier Farms is about 30 minutes from Burbank Airport. This is also very close to exciting destinations like Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, Malibu, West Lake, Chatsworth and Santa Barbara. For those times, away from your horse, we are fortunate to have several new lovely hotels and challenging golf courses in our area. Most of our busy clients come from out of state, so the easy commute to our farm is very important and appreciated by many.

Easy to Schedule

We are infinitely accommodating when it comes to scheduling times for your visit. Our calendars are custom crafted to take into consideration your and your horse’s needs.
We also offer training and unlimited lessons by appointment.

Easy to Pay

We offer an easy-to-choose, highly competitive monthly payment structure.
Upon your request, we will send you a comprehensive printed price list.
In general, our monthly services include: grooming, stall and boarding, wellness therapies, ongoing wellness checks, training and more.